Foot & Ankle Services :

  • Heel Pain 
  • Arch Pain 
  • Bunions 
  • Hammertoes 
  • Gait Abnormalities 
  • Sprains 
  • Sprains and Trauma 

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Literally save hundreds of dollars on walking boots, splints, braces & more compared to insurance companies dictating rates. 

Products only available to doctors now available to you ! Yet, at significant savings. 

Foot Rubz 

Reed Pain Relieving Therapy 

Custom Orthotics                                    

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Brentwoods' Foot Specialist/Podiatrist, Dr. Sables brings you non - surgical solutions for your problem. Many years of general, surgical and non surgical footcare, wound care and more have given him the experience to determine what really has the highest chance of success in helping you. We want you out of pain and to have the ability to do what you want or need to do. Dr. Sables no longer performs surgery and wound care so he can soley concentrate on specializing in biomechanical and therapeutic solutions for YOU!


Amerigel Wound Dressing 

Amerigel Premium Care Lotion 

Shoe Brands

David J. Sables D.P.M., C.Ped. 

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Experience Custom Orthotic Support 

In Your Favorite Birkenstock

Sandal or Shoe. 

PF Night Splint 

CAM Walking Boot 

Shoes - Casual, Dress,

Athletic, and Orthopedic

Custom Molded Birkenstock Sandals & Clogs  

Don't Replace , Renew !!!!

Birkenstock shoes, sandals and clogs  have a foot bed that molds to your foot over time. While this happens, the shoes become more comfortable and more comfortable not only did you invest money but also your time

Nashville's ONLY Shoe Store 

With A Doc In Every Shoe Box !

Shoes with arches, shoes for all types of medical conditions or just everyday comfort. ArchMasters provides functional comfort with style! Professional fitting and consultation complimentary. 

Orthopedic Supplies 

Surgical Shoe 

Clear Nails Pro 

Linda Sables

 Licensed Certified Pedorthist 

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Nashville's Only Shoe Store 

With A Doc In Every Shoe Box!

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  • Arthritis 
  • Nerve Tremors 
  • Ingrown Nails and Nail Disorders 
  • Spurs 
  • Metatarsal Imbalance
  • Warts 

Custom molded Birkenstock Arizona made 

with a diabetic safe top cover safe for neuropathy. 

  • Corns 
  • Many Others 

Exo - Form Ankle Brace 

Drop Foot Brace - Noodle 

Footcare &

Footcare Products

Bako Pathology 


On Your Toes 

        TC3-DR​​​ TM

(Total Contact 3 - Dimensional Re - Alignment of the foot)